Who are we?

The company started its existence in 1995. In the beginning the main activity of the company was trade - import and distribution of various types of confectionery. Going through different stages in its development, Bg Line gradually reoriented its activities and began production of its own brands of confectionery - wafers Хели, wafers Bg Line, Cakes - Pina De and others.


Currently Bg LIne has its own distribution network throughout the country. It successfully partners with all large wholesale  and grocery stores oriented to the final customer throughout Bulgaria. Bg Line brand has become synonymous with honest, serious and reliable partner in trade relations.

In addition to the domestic market Bg line builds partnerships and international markets. In recent years, Bg line has been a constant participant with its own stand in some of the world's largest exhibitions of confectionery, such as ISM, Yummex Middle East etc.




The aim of Bg Line is to reach more customers in international markets. For this purpose, the company does not stop looking for new and new partners in Europe and around the world. It constantly invests in improving its manufacturing facilities, in the quality and variety of its products in order to be able to satisfy the requirements of all its customers.


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